A Few Samples...


Class Act theme song

Songs used in "Modern Medicine"

"Dirty Liars" used in "Stakeout"

"But No" used in "Mirage"

The Process

Let's Make Some Music!

It starts with our initial discussion.  Where might songs be needed for maximum impact?  What style suits your project?  Are we telling a specific story or supporting an emotion?  How long does the song need to be?  Once all the variables are determined, a song can be drafted and a rough demo produced.  You will hear the rough demo BEFORE we go into the studio (typically recorded using top studio musicians in Nashville).

Custom Written Songs for your Film

In the style that best drives your story

Why license a song that comes close to your images and story, when you can commission a NEW song written specifically for your film!  A song can be very a powerful way to drive an emotion.  They are especially great for montages and credits, and within your film or TV project, a nice departure from the typical piano or light orchestra fare.