Press and New Releases


"New web channel premiered September 9, 2015, with flagship shows CLASS ACT and JOURNEYMAN scored by Rob Valle."

“Rob Valle, a great songwriter and musician! He wrote this song “Redneck Weddings” after seeing the pilot presentation “Meet the Characters”.”

Catherine Natale - Redneck Weddings A Comedy Web Series!


To me, music is not just A business, it's my passion!

A Few Projects...

"Class Act" - theme song and score

"Mirage" - score and song "But No"


"Journeyman" - science fiction score


"Modern Medicine" - horror score and "radio songs"  featuring "Baby Don't Fret"


"Stakeout" - features the song  "Dirty Liars"


"Redneck Weddings" - theme song featured in the music video by the same name 



I have collaborated on several projects, and I know how to LISTEN to a director or producer.  My goal is to truly understand the emotional direction of a film, and develop new and original music to support and enhance that direction. 

Film and Television plus Music

 It's a perfect marriage, intriguing images, great acting and the right music to deliver emotional impact!  But you need a writer who understands and appreciates that marriage.  Listen to the samples, or catch one of these films or pilots (many have made the film festival circuit and are now available for viewing) and LISTEN to the impact the music makes!


I learned the basics of music theory at New York University, while playing guitar for the NYC band "Most Wanted" - so you can say I also attended the School of Hard Rock!  I most enjoy writing that "perfect" song to support a key scene or to enhance your credits.

I started professionally a number of years ago as a guitarist for a NYC rock band named "Most Wanted" while I learned music fundamentals at New York University.  I spent many years playing in various venues.  Three years ago, I made the transition to film and television, and have worked on a number of projects in both mediums  Click  on my

photo to see my IMDB  credits.


I play guitar, piano, and bass.  I am both a songwriter and score composer.  Developing the right music for visual media is my passion.