Cross the Line

A contemporary country song about a guy who has fallen for his best friend.

Late Bloomers
A theme song for the TV pilot of the same name, with an 80's sitcom feel.

Dirty Liars

A gritty blues song written for "Stakeout".

Sample Songs

Bring your next film project to life!

Rob Valle

But No

A highly emotional song about dying  for the film "Mirage".

Ever watch a movie or television show with no soundtrack?


The right music will significantly enhance the appeal and professionalism of your next project. Whether

you are a new filmmaker producing your next short, developing a pilot for television, or need that perfect

song to drive an emotion in key scene of your movie, you've come to the right place.


I have been a musician for many years and am familiar with many styles, from rock to country to classical,

and I can help you develop the right soundtrack for your project. My specialty is developing custom songs, tailored to your films.  Listen to "Dirty Liars"  (a film about corrupt cops written for "Stakeout" and starring Carlo Mendez) or "But No" (a film about a soldier near death) and I think you will agree the RIGHT music and song brings a film to the next level.  To date I have written and scored for comedy,

drama, horror and romance (you can see my credits in IMDB).


Contact me and let's discuss how I can help you!

I am a passionate musician and songwriter.   In the past few years I have written scores and custom-themed songs for a number of  film and television projects like "Redneck Weddings", "Journeyman" (2016 Best Science Fiction web series)and  "Class Act".  I  am currently working on the score for the upcoming feature film ZombieCON,  and am always anxious to tackle new, challenging projects!